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 Bridal Make Up

MakeUp Investments

Trial Bridal Application



Bridal Application (Includes Lashes)



Special Occasion Makeup (Bridesmaids etc.) (Includes Lashes)



Air Brush

$50 Additional fee


Tattoo Covering and Body Makeup

Starting at $200+


Brow Shaping for Bride or Bridesmaids

$35 Additional fee


Bridal parties less than 5 people



$600 per party 

1 Person

$200 plus any additional travel

Brow shaping

Eye Brow Shaping 
First Time Consultation
Waxing Threading Or Tweezing


Valet Parking 
parking fees must be covered by the party receiving services

Hotel Fees for out-of-town events
must be covered by the party receiving services

Travel Fees
The above fees include travel up to 30 miles from the artist's home
$50 for each additional 30 minutes of travel

Early Morning Fee 
$100 for each hour before 7:00 am

Personal Makeup Shopping Starting at $300

Semi-permanent eyelash Extensions are referred to Lois Barbone* 609-352-7295

Permanent Eyelash Extension Application
$ 300

Lash Extension Maintenance 
$55 and up

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