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Permanent Eyebrows

 Fundamentals Course 

100-Hour Fundamental Training $6000 
($1000 Non-Refundable Deposit) Remainder Due in full 5 Days Before Class

100-Hour Fundamental Training
Are You Ready to start a career in permanent makeup?

 Become an AAM Accredited Artist

To learn the foundation training/basics of permanent makeup we offer a 100 Hour Fundamental Program. Leading the industry in permanent makeup we offer classes. This class teaches you the basics of brows, liner, and lip micropigmentation.  Our 100-Hour Fundamental Class incorporates six full days of instruction and at-home learning where you will be taught by certified trainers. You will be taught the basics of machine permanent makeup and will partake in the process of 6 models total in class.

Get ready to learn:

• Skin Anatomy

• Color Theory

• Eyebrow Tattooing

• Lip Blush Tattooing

• Eyeliner Tattooing


We give you all the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this industry 

 With lifelong support, social media groups to ask questions and apprenticeship programs.

If you are looking to be a permanent makeup artist in New Jersey, it is mandatory to take an AAM-accredited class and then an apprenticeship.

1. The Skin, Anatomy and Physiology:

Lauers of the skin. o Functions of the skin.

Understanding the exfoliation process.


Skin disorders.

The blood/tissue fluid/lymph.

Skeletal and muscular system.

2. Sterilization and Sanitation:
o State and County Health Department

• OSHA and CDC (Center for Disease Control).

o Sterilization and cross contamination

• blood-borne pathogens.

3. Machine Technology:

Knowing and understanding the different machines used in permanent Cosmetics.

What is a digital rotary? What is an analog rotary?

Techniques and Needle Groups:

Handling the skin.

Anesthetics used in permanent cosmetics.

  •   Proper needle selections.

4. Eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip procedures.

  •   Proper application and depth of implantation.

  •   Preferred needle groups.

5. Color Theory:

  •   The color wheel.

  •   Mixing colors.

  •   Choosing the correct color using our color system.

o Color undertones and overtones.

o Color retention.

• Understanding skin undertones.

o Color removal.

6. Design and Enhancing:
o The right brow shape.

Making a thin lip look fuller.

 Correcting an Uneven lip.

Lash enhancement or eyeliner.

7.  Treatment Room SetUp:

  1. o Supplies needed

  2. o Professionalism.

8. The Consultation and Client Concerns:

  •   Complete portfolio including; medical forms, questionnaire, and all release

  • forms.

  •   Facial diagrams to clarify areas, techniques, and colors used.

  •   Aftercare instructions.

  •   Before and after photos.

9. Documenting Your Work:

  •   Using the proper consent forms and procedure release forms.

  •   How to chart your clients.

  •   Insurance issues.

10. State and Local Legislation:

• Liability insurance  

  1.     Marketing Skills

  2.     One Hour Exam

Included with Class:

  •   Class workbook and pre-studu manual

  •   Color theory workbook with color mixing formulas

  •   Machine Kit (Upgrade available)

  •   Set of 10 most popular pigment colors

  •   Class supply kit (enough for 10 procedures after graduation)

  •   All legal forms needed to get started

  •   Models for procedures (minimum of 6 live models)

  •   Liability insurance information with an
    A+ company

  •   100-hour Certificate on Graduation Dau

  •   Photos of all procedures to start your

  •   Information regarding the Bloodborne
    Pathogen Certificate - It is mandatory to have this certificate by Day 1 of your class.

Class Tuition and Other Details

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